PAC DATA Authorized Reseller Terms & Conditions

PAC Data’s reseller program is designed to help resellers sell more products and services at higher margins. PAC Data offers Approved Manufacturers with Quality Approved Products.

Key Benefits for our Registered Partners

  • Lead Registration Margin Benefit
  • Reseller Incentive Program – SPIFs
  • Sales Support (877) 360-1796
  • Online Training Courses
  • Secure Access to reseller portal
  • Consolidated Product Information with Webinars and Monthly Emails
  • Sales Tools Including (Online Pricing & Configuration)
  • Demo Unit Program
  • Onsite Training
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Lead Registration Management
  • Joint Sales Calls with PAC Data and Manufacturers
  • Marketing Program Support Including MDF

Why Pac Data?
Storage, Data backup, Disaster Recovery and Archive is PAC Data’s core Business focus. PAC Data carries manufacturer’s products to cover all of these areas. From LTO, AIT, SAIT to SDLT tape libraries, drives and media— to Disk Arrays with SAN, IP SAN, NAS and DAS, everything needed to sell Data Protection Solutions to customers. Resellers have been able to leverage PAC Data’s long-standing expertise in automated tape libraries and disk-based backup products. Resellers and their valued customers can also count on:

  • Award Winning Channel Commitment: PAC Data supports its partners to make sure business flows through the channel, a focus that has earned PAC Data industry recognition as a Storage Distributor.
  • Storage Product Quality and Reliability: Rigorously tested, PAC Data will not distribute any products until they are tested and verified to meet the manufacturer’s specifications and PAC Data’s standards.
  • Outstanding Program Features: Our Web-based tools, PAC Data, puts product selection, configuration, pricing and ordering information of even the most sophisticated tape library or disk-based backup systems at the fingertips of our channel partners. Our Lead Registration Program, which provides resellers with deal registration and additional product discounts, further increases reseller margin.

End-User Demand Generation: PAC Data runs multiple end-user lead-generation campaigns and pushes 100 percent of the leads back to the channel.

What is the Lead Registration Program (LRP)?
The Lead Registration Program (LRP) has been established to reward the partner who first introduces PAC Data’s partners tape automation and disk-based backup products to the end user. This is accomplished by an online registration process, which has become known as the Lead Registration Program (LRP).

While other storage manufacturers may provide you leads to work, PAC Data takes it a step further by only providing you LRP’s that have been qualified and pre-approved.

Why does PAC Data offer the Lead Registration Program (LRP)
PAC Data recognizes that the greatest asset our business partners bring to us is the time they invest in promoting our products. For that reason we have established the Lead Registration Program (LRP). The LRP program provides enhanced margins to those partners who bring PAC Data into potential storage deals. We also use this system to reward partners who lead with our manufacturers products by providing them qualified and pre-approved LRP’s that we acquire on behalf of our manufacture partners.

What is eligible for the LRP program?
The LRP program is applicable only to sales to end users in North America. The LRP rebate may not be applied to any opportunity for which "special pricing" (non-standard) has been approved by PAC Data.

Most all tape automation and disk-based storage products are eligible for the LRP program. Most Products carry a 10 to 30% discount.

Who qualifies for a LRP?
Only one reseller can obtain LRP approval for a given opportunity. The first reseller to gain LRP approval on an opportunity will be the only reseller approved for that opportunity. This will ensure that the reseller's investment, in developing the opportunity, is protected. PAC Data and or the appropriate Manufacturers reserve the sole right of approval or denial on all LRPs. Government and education opportunities are eligible for LRP discounts.

Resellers must complete the LRP form on-line at The opportunity must be submitted at the beginning of the sales cycle in order to be considered for approval. The LRP approval must occur before product shipment(s) begin. No LRP approvals will be granted after product shipments have begun.

When is it time to LRP an opportunity?
You should LRP an opportunity when you have contacted an end user and established that he or she has a storage requirement that is expected to close within a six-month timeframe. Please Note: You are registering an end user opportunity within a company and not the company itself. There can be multiple LRP opportunities within one company and each will require a separate LRP authorization.

How do I create a LRP?
First you must be an approved PAC Data Reseller. Approved Resellers must complete the LRP form on-line at Look for the Lead Registration section where you will fill out the opportunity information. At this point, you will be prompted for the following:

Customer contact information (end users only, purchasing agents are not accepted)

  • Tape format of interest (LTO, SDLT or AIT)
  • Disk-to-disk product interest (yes or no)
  • Capacity range of backup requirement
  • Product family of interest
  • Expected month of close (Please pay special attention to this date as it will be monitored as the timeframe in which this opportunity will generate revenue.)

If PAC Data discovers that no contact was made with the end user or that the contact information is incorrect, PAC Data may revoke the LRP Authorization and give it to another reseller.

How long will it take to approve my LRP?
Once your LRP request is submitted, PAC Data will review it and the approval process will be completed in approximately 4 to 28 hours. Approval status (approved or declined) will be sent via email to the partner applying for the LRP. All approved LRPs are assigned an authorization number (example: LRP10003). The authorization number will be contained within the e-mail confirmation.

How do I receive the LRP discount?
If your LRP is approved, PAC Data will send you an e-mail with the LRP Authorization number. The PAR discount can only be redeemed at the selected distributor, and is only valid for the end user information stated in the approved LRP. LRP discounts will not be valid for alternate or additional products, quantities or different end user ship-to addresses provided after issuance of the LRP Number unless written approval is received from PAC Data or one of their approved manufacturers. LRP Numbers are issued per opportunity and can only be used for that opportunity.

PAC Data will pass through the LRP rebate to the reseller at time of sale.
LRP discounts will only be paid to those partners who have registered opportunities that are closed by that partner. Payouts to partners that have LRPs that do not close the business will only be brought forward for consideration of payout by PAC Data and or their Partners in the event that PAC Data deems that it has erred in its policies as it relates to LRP management.

Lead Registration Program (LRP)
LRP’s are awarded to the partner who first introduces PAC Data and it manufacturers to the end user. If you want to take advantage of the LRP program and the associated enhanced margins, you will be required to update the "LRP Status" of your LRP throughout the sales cycle.

If PAC Data assigns a LRP to a partner, the partner will be responsible for reviewing the expected month of close and modifying if necessary. The expected month of close and the product selection tasks must be completed within 30 days of LRP assignment. If this does not occur within 30 days, the LRP will be reassigned to a PAC Data representative who will review the circumstances and reassign as he or she sees fit. The partner is responsible for updating the "LRP Opportunity Status" of all LRPs throughout the sales cycle.

Contact Required LRPs:
All LRPs that originated with PAC Data or their partners will require contact by the reseller in order to establish the product family interest and the expected month of close. After this procedure is completed, the opportunity will become categorized as an Active LRP.
Lost: Any opportunity that is lost to a competitor. These opportunities need to be updated and explained with whom the deal was lost to and why it was lost.

  • Sold: After a partner closes a sale, the partner will need to close out the LRP by marking it Sold. At this time, you will select the items you have sold, which must match the items on your purchase order. Abuse of the system in any way will be grounds for denying future use of the LRP. PAC Data management reserves the right to overrule any LRP authorization.
  • Dissolved: Prospect lost interest, lost budget or the project was dissolved.

All LRPs in the "Expected to Close this Month" category will expire if you do not update them within 30 days of the month of close. If you need more time to close the opportunity, you simply will be required to choose a new month of close to keep your LRP active. If these LRPs are not updated as indicated, they will expire after the 30-day grace period and be returned to PAC Data for further qualification. All expired LRPs that were brought to PAC Data or its partners by a business partner will be returned to that business partner whenever these expired LRPs are re-qualified. Expired LRPs that were the result of a PAC Data or Manufacturer Partner lead that lapsed and were re-qualified might be redirected at the discretion of the PAC Data Territory Manager.