Massive growth of unstructured data is challenging IT organizations across all industries. The sheer scale of data under management and its rapid growth rate is requiring new levels of storage efficiency. Organizations are realizing the best approach is an intelligent, multi-tiered storage solution that balances performance and cost, and scales easily while providing users with simple access to all their stored content. As the lowest-cost storage technology, tape is playing an important role in these new solutions. Scalar ® i6 provides the most efficient, lowest-cost storage solution for these demanding workflow environments.

The Scalar® i6 tape library delivers the highest storage density in LTO automation, scaling up to 12PB in a standard 19-inch rack, providing the lowest cost per GB within a single rack. Integrated iLayer™ features like policy-based data integrity checking, automated in-library vaulting, and in-depth system monitoring and reporting ensure valuable content is available when needed, making Scalar i6 the best choice for demanding workflows. And it’s a Scalar, the market share leader in LTO automation, so you know it’s reliable.

Features and Benefits

  • Best-in-Class Storage Density:  Saves valuable data center footprint with up to 12PB in a single 19-inch rack.
  • Extended Data Life Management (EDLM):  Ensures stored data remains readable with automated integrity checks.
  • Active Vault: Secure in-library vaulting saves cost, increases security, and simplifies access to vaulted content.
  • Capacity-on-Demand Growth:  Simplifies growth by scaling quickly and easily, without disruption.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Diagnostics: Maximizes library uptime by resolving issues before they impact operations.
  • 80 PLUS Certified Power Supplies:  High-efficiency, green power supplies minimize power and cooling costs.
  • Advanced Reporting:  Media, drive, and media security reports help manage system resources, improve security, and improve budget and planning. Automated report scheduling and distribution save time.
  • High Availability Features:  Redundant power supplies and path failover prevent downtime in the event of failure.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Diagnostics:  Ensures the entire system stays running smoothly; provides guided steps to resolve issues often before failures occur.
  • Encryption Key Management:  FIPS-validated solution with KMIP support makes it easy to manage keys, mitigating
    risk of lost data. AES 256-bit encryption standard for highest levels of security

Technical Specification / Datasheet

Quantum - Scalar i6

Efficient, Intelligent, Enterprise-Scale Tape Storage