PAC Storage Scale-Out NAS System

PAC Storage All-Flash Scale-Out NAS
NAS with ultimate High Performance

PAC Storage Scale-Out NAS system offers ultimate high performance and capacity expansion capabilities. Utilize the horsepower of each node with the efficiency and full data protection of a cluster configuration to get 100+ GBps Read/Write speed and up to 100 PB of storage. PAC Storage Scale-Out NAS provides the flexibility to meet different application requirements, whether throughput-intensive high-performance computing (HPC) applications or capacity-intensive workloads, such as Media and Entertainment, Surveillance, Backup, and Archive.

Available In:

  • 3U 16-Bay, 3.5” Drives
  • 4U 24-Bay, 3.5” Drives
  • 4U 60-Bay, 3.5” Drives

PAC Storage Scale-Out NAS

NAS with ultimate High Performance